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Supporting the Metropolitan Winds is an investment in the arts. That investment, multiplied by others who give to the Metropolitan Winds, has the power to enhance the sense of community and foster music appreciation in the DFW area. Your gift also enables area musicians the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, express themselves artistically, and pursue lifelong passions for music. Most importantly, contributions from individuals and groups help the Metropolitan Winds keep music alive in our community.

The Metropolitan Winds operates as a 501c(3) organization. As a result, donations made to the Metropolitan Winds are tax deductible. Receipts for gifts will be remitted upon delivery of funds to the group. Thanks again for keeping the arts alive!

Please send your donation to:

        Metropolitan Winds
        P.O. Box 670925
        Dallas, TX 75367

Sponsorship Form to print and mail in with your donation.

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